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Aims & scope

Women’s Midlife Health is an interdisciplinary open access journal that considers original articles and reviews on the physical and mental health of women during midlife, with a focus on aging, reproductive aging including the menopause, and their inter-relationship. We define the midlife as age 35 to 65 and encompassing the late reproductive to late postmenopausal stages of reproductive aging. The journal welcomes clinical and population-based research that provides new insights into the health transitions that occur during midlife and with menopause, with a particular interest in articles addressing vulnerabilities and opportunities during this life stage and interventions that promote healthy aging.

Editor's Profile

Siobán D. Harlow
Siobán D. Harlow, PhD, is Professor of Epidemiology and Director of the Center for Integrated Approaches to Complex Diseases at the University of Michigan and adjunct Professor of Epidemiology at Michigan State University. She is Principal Investigator of the Michigan site of the 20–year multi-ethnic cohort Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) and for the SWAN Repository and chaired the 2011 consensus conference: “STRAW+10: Addressing the Unfinished Agenda of Staging Reproductive Aging”. From 2003–2009, she served on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group, Division of Reproductive Health Research, World Health Organization.
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Women's Midlife Health is affiliated with the CROWN initiative, Core Outcomes in Women’s Health. CROWN is an international initiative, led by journal editors, to harmonise outcome reporting in women’s health research. We are coming together to address the widespread, unwarranted variation in reporting of outcomes. CROWN’s main aim is to encourage researchers to report core outcome sets for key conditions in women’s health.

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